An UnSickled Story


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A disease can be debilitating. There those diseases that materialize during a person’s life. Sometimes, there are  complications during the birthing process that results in disabilities. Sometimes people can be predisposed to certain illnesses, and sometimes sickness happens. Then there are those who are born with a disease/disorder. Regardless of where you find yourself or how disease entered into your life one thing is for sure, you are not a diseased person you are a person living with and conquering diseases/disorders. Our founder was born with Sickle cell Anemia. It is a blood disorder. Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a disease of the hemoglobin. In SCD, defective hemoglobin causes the red blood cells to become stiff instead of flexible and form a sickle or a crescent. Severe pain is the most common symptom of sickle cell disease emergencies. Sickle cell crisis can cause stroke, heart attack and/or organ failure. Sickle cell anemia is inherited meaning you get it from your parents. As modern medicine evolved and holistic medicine took center stage, Sickle cell became more manageable. However, a new problem appeared, and that problem was mental health trauma caused by the disorder. Fear, doubt, anxiety, depression that were the results of countless number of hospital visits and admissions, untimely setbacks, and deafening you can not declarations. The trauma induced by sickle cell was added to other traumas such as environmental traumas, in home traumas, and relational traumas all which affects one's mental health. After years of study and obtaining a Masters in Ministerial Leadership and a Masters of Divinity, our founder realized he had to erase the recordings in his head that said he could not, he had to undo the mental damage done by sickle cell. No longer would he allow the world to identify him. A person living with sickle cell is known as a sickler.  Its was time to become Unsickled. Through Holistic pastoral counseling the aim of Unsickled Family Services is to tackle fear, doubts, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues caused by diseases, disorder, traumas  and life circumstances. No matter what a person has been through they have a right to be healthy, whole and complete